Steel Wool Photography Shoot Dublin

Steel Wool Photography Shoot Dublin

steel wool photography dublin

Join DPS (Dublin Photography School) for an evening of light orbs, steel wool Photography Shoot with lasers on a small secluded beach in Bray near Dublin. This location shoot will allow you to bring out the more creative side of your photography. Learn how to capture and create fountains of fire and orbs of light and come away knowing the basic equipment needed and the finer points of nailing down your techniques. This is trick photography at its best. There will be two DPS tutors on hand and demos with tips and techniques will be given throughout.

We provide the Steel Wool, the fire and everything else you need for a great night of creative shooting.


See the Steel Wool Photography walk on The Dublin Photography School Website Here:



Macro Photography Shoot Dublin

Macro Photography Shoot Dublin

Macro photography courses Ireland

Join DPS (Dublin Photography School) and other photographers for a morning of Macro photography in the National Botanical Gardens. Macro photography is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects (insects, plants, flowers & so on). With that in mind the National Botanical Gardens in Glasnevin, Dublin are an ideal shooting ground and will provide you with everything that you need to achieve some amazing pictures. Learn how to achieve the results by slowing down your work and come away knowing what equipment is needed and the finer points of nailing down your techniques. There will be two DPS tutors on hand and demos with tips and techniques will be given throughout.

We are also offering the option to purchase macro rings from our website and have them brought to you at the shoot. Just look for the option when paying by paypal.

See the Macro Photography Course on The Dublin Photography School Website Here:

It’s been a busy few weeks here in Dublin Photography School or as a lot of our guys have taken to calling us “DPS” and we hope to launch new programmes over the spring and summer 2016, These Beginner Photography Courses will take Place in Dublin but we are hoping to roll a few Photography Courses around Ireland soon.



Free Photography Talk With Dublin Photography School


Free Photography Talks Dublin

Free Photography Talks Dublin

We are delighted to bring you an evening of ‘Composition & Visual Theory’ presented by Stewart Kenny

Stewart is an award winning fine art landscape photographer based in Dublin. Stewart’s main areas of expertise are black and white photography, landscape photography, night and low light photography. After graduating from college he began work in several areas of the photography industry from retail and printing to consulting and lecturing.

Time: 7.45pm
Date: Thursday June 25th 2015
Venue: The Carmelite Centre, 56 Aungier Street, Dublin 2.

Stewart has exhibited both nationally and internationally. He has a huge passion for photography and loves nothing more than to teach others how to achieve the perfect image. He is the head of training here at the Dublin Photography School and gives talks and seminars about about various genres of photography around Ireland. You can visit his website at

R.S.V.P by emailing to secure your place
Please book early as places are limited & it will fill up fast

Iceland & The Northern lights with Dublin Photography School

dublin photography school

Iceland and The Northern lights

Dublin Photography School: Photography Holidays For All Levels From Beginners To Advanced

Dublin Photography School: Photography Holidays For All Levels From Beginners To Advanced

Dublin Photography School are happy to have teamed up again in 2015 with Travel Department who are one of Europe’s leading escorted holiday companies, to bring you many fantastic and once in a lifetime photographic holiday opportunities. Load up your photography kit bag with your DSLR camera and camera accessories, pack your warm clothing and good walking shoes and join us and other photographers on our Iceland guided location photography holidays. for details of our next trip in 2015 see here.

Heres a quick overview of the the trip to Iceland We took in October 2014.

Photographers at Skogasfoss Waterfall, iceland copy

The guys from the Iceland Tour in 2014 strutting there stuff

Earlier this year we teamed up with Travel Department to bring you the first of our photography holidays abroad. On October 23rd a group of eager photographers boarded a 7.20am flight and were Iceland bound. Iceland is known as the ‘Land and Fire and Ice’ making it a perfect destination for a photography break. Once the wheels of the plane safely touched down on the runway, this mesmerizing country with spectacular photographic opportunities was waiting to be explored. Before all the ‘hard work’ began an early morning pit stop was made at the Blue Lagoon for a rejuvenating dip.

The Gulfoss Falls is our first photography stop

The Gulfoss Falls is our first photography stop

dublin photography school iceland

Gulfoss falls from another angle

Spouting Geyser at Huakadalur Valley, Iceland, part of the golden circle of Iceland

Spouting Geyser at Huakadalur Valley, Iceland, part of the golden circle of Iceland

Spouting Geyser at Huakadalur Valley, Iceland, part of the golden circle of Iceland

Spouting Geyser at Huakadalur Valley, Iceland, part of the golden circle of Iceland

The next four days were filled with photographing some of the most breathtaking sights this planet has to offer. From the natural wonder of Reynisfar, the volcanic black sandy beach to photographing behind the falls and listening to the mighty roar of the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. At night we travelled away from the glow of Reykjavik city in search of the Aurora Borealis. By day we explored the Golden Circle, passed through picturesque villages and countryside and were blown away ‘literally’ in the valley of Haukadalur by the spouting geothermal geysers.

Skogafoss Waterfall, Iceland

Skogafoss Waterfall, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland copy Iceland - 8 copy Solheimajokull Glacier, Iceland  copy

Reynisfjar, black sandy beach in the village of Vik, Iceland

Reynisfjar, black sandy beach in the village of Vik, Iceland

Reynisfjar beach, Iceland

Reynisfjar beach, Iceland

All these images are taken on the actual tour. for more information about Dublin Photography School and the hands on tuition, you will receive on this holiday see here, for booking information and itinerary see Travel Department here.

A Beginners Guide To Photographing Geysers

A beginners guide to photographing Geysers

While geysers and hot springs may not top everyone’s list when they go to Iceland, New Zealand, or Yellowstone, once you catch a glimpse of these magnificent phenomenon you would be hard pressed to put your camera down.

So here is a complete beginner’s guide to how to photograph geysers and hot springs.

I was recently lucky enough to be leading a photography holiday through Iceland in conjunction with Travel Department and Dublin Photography School and had an opportunity to teach the group some of the most common ways to photograph these wonders.

1. Shoot in burst mode
Shoot in burst mode

Shoot in burst mode to take multiple shoots in a row

2. Turn Auto Focus to manual and Pre-focus your camera or turn on af-c, ai servo mode.
blog 2

prefocus on the base of the geyser as this will stop shutter lag when the action happens

3. Stand upwind of the geysers as all you will photograph is steam downwind and if too close to the geyser may actually get a soaking.
Stand upwind of the geysers as all you will photograph is steam downwind.

Stand upwind of the geysers as all you will photograph is steam downwind.

4. To freeze motion you will need to set your camera to at least 400 ISO
blog 3

use a high iso about 400-800 depending on the light to allow higher shutter speeds

5. Shoot in TV or S mode and set a Shutter speed of at least 1/1500 or faster

set camera dial to TV for Canon or S mode for Nikon

6. Try to compose your shoot with something to demonstrate scale

use objects such as signs and boulders to add a sense of scale

6. Water can be very bright and can fool your light meter so be prepared to review you histogram and slightly under exposure your shoot by up to a stop by using EV Compensation

Exposure compensation allows you to override the camera metering and adjust the exposure.

7. You can also add a Circ Pol filter to enhance definition by reducing glare and removing reflections and boosting colors. see a Dublin photography school video here on how to use them
photography filters

A Circ Pol Filter reduces glare and saturates colors

8. There are many ways to photography these wonders of nature; this is just one simple way, once you got your safe shoots move on to experimenting with long exposures and bracketing or multiple exposures.

geysir 4copy

Should you have enjoyed this Photography Article, feel free to nip over to our website which specializes in photography courses. Here you can find a free copy of Snapshot Photography magazine, as well as information on photography holidays in Ireland, Iceland and Europe.

Stewart Kenny is a fine art landscape photographer and is head of training at Dublin Photography School. Stewart’s passion is black and white and regularly leads tours and lectures around Ireland when not providing photography courses with Dublin Photography School.

Practical Photography Course in Kilfane Glen & Waterfall with Dublin Photography School

Check out our website for full details

Check out our website for full details

Load up your photography kit bag and your comfy walking shoes and join us as we head down the country to Kilfane Glen and Waterfall. Kilfane is a picturesque paradise with a waterfall tumbling it’s way to a rushing stream and woodland paths leading to a cottage orné. It is made up of tiny bridges, which sit among ancient trees, wild fox-gloves, ferns and other historically correct 18th century planting. To capture the true essence of the place, you have the gardens, which cover about 15 acres of easily accessible natural landscape. These will offer you varied and fantastic photographic opportunities throughout. On route home we will make a stop in the village of Leighlinbridge (meaning ‘half glen of the bridge) on the river barrow, and on Mount Leinster (the highest of the Blackstairs Mountains) for more unique photographic opportunities and panoramic views. This excursion is designed for digital SLR or bridge SLR users.

Detailed information, pricing and booking are all attached in the link Here.

See the Dublin photography school photography course promo video on youtube here

Photography Holidays Ireland – Copper Coast Tour

Waterford’s stunning Copper Coast – A Photographers Playground!ImageJust east of Dungarvin, lies one of the most spectacular coastline in Ireland known as the Copper Coast. It comprises some 20 miles of stunning coastline, and it will give you a fantastic opportunity to photograph scenes consisting of sandy beaches and coves which are enclosed by rocky headlands. The combining of oceans, volcanoes, deserts and ice sheets has created these rocks. The coastal stretch passes through five small villages and will offer you, cliffs, panoramic views, woodlands and clear waters and copper sands. Continuing along the coast road, we will eventually reach the bustling coastal town of Tramore. We will escort you on this two night photography tour which will offer many unique

via Photography Holidays Ireland – Cooper Coast Tour.

Talking photography with the guys in North Meath Photographic Society

Talking photography with the guys in North Meath Photographic Society


Black and White Photography Talk at North Meath Photographic Society By Stewart Kenny From Dublin Photography School.

On a cold, bleak and windy February 5th, I found myself and Dublin Photography School Colleague; Shaun Moore on route to Kells, to give a talk on black and white photography to the good people of North Meath Photographic Society.

We arrived with plenty of time to spare and were immediately offered a hot cup of tea, to warm the bones on such a dreadful night.

After a brief introduction we started the talk. First I displayed some recent work that went on display in the Netherlands at the “Distant Lands” photography exhibit in Leeuwarden. Then I went on to show some recent work that went on display in Dublin last November from my “in search of solace” body of work.

When working as a photographer I am rarely nervous, but I must admit, every time I show new work to people in particular other photographers, I find myself a little bit rattled. After the slideshow finished, I breathed a sigh of relief. The work was well received and what’s more was liked.  I then gave a 40 minute talk on how to construct a black and white image and what to look for when learning to see in black and white. After this, I open the floor to questions and answers. The questions asked were mostly concerning composition, filters, tripods and exposure.  Then I was treated to more tea and a mingle with the guys from the club.

I must say, I was taken aback by how welcoming the guys in the club were, they came from all walks of life, were all ages and levels of photography. I would highly recommend that anybody with an interest in photography in the north Meath/Cavan area with an interest in photography drop in.

The guys have been offered a discount on Dublin photography school courses and I would be delighted to have them in any class or course I run.

I would like to give a special mention to Martin Sheridan who is one of Dublin Photography Schools own alumni, for his arranging of the evening and inviting me down to met such a fantastic bunch.

In Search Of Solace: A Photography Exhibition

In Search Of Solace: A Photography Exhibition

On a cold damp night, on November 28th, the smell of mulled gløgg filled the air in brioche cafe in Aungier street.  A quick glance at the watch, told me that doors would be opening in less than an hour. Myself and the rest of my photography friends from Dublin Photography School were frantically trying to put the finishing touches on the exhibition, Sinead Bradley who was more comfortable teaching wedding photography workshops found herself with a spirit level in hand fine tuning the levels of framed prints, Steven Maybury found himself trying to get a finicky projector to work, and Sean Moore was with me working overtime with screwdriver in hand getting the last of the prints hanging onto the walls.

Getting the last of the prep work in for the photography exhibition in dublin

Getting the last of the prep work in for the photography exhibition in Dublin

The Brioche staff had just finished pouring wine and laying out the nibbles for the coming event.  Beers cooling, Wines Chilling, and gløgg now nice and hot, i left the guys, and disappearance to clean up a little before the night kicked off, Doors opened at 7 and i reappeared 7.15, cleaned up and presentable.  I was taken aback by what I walked into, the place was packed wall to wall, the atmosphere was buzzing, with all walks of life in viewing the work on display.

During the night we had flying visits and well wishers from all over the Irish photography industry, from representatives from camera clubs in Dublin, to colleagues in who were currently lecturing around various colleges in Dublin. we had visitors from the various camera shops as well as well know printers and a deluge of students, friends, peers, and past pupils. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the turnout, over the two hours of the opening night, we had over 170 visitors in to view the work. Also on offer was a slide show, 15 images, a guest book and free booze, great company and open edition unframed 8×8 prints. that were snapped up, im delighted to say.

The fantastic food made by Brioche on Aungier Street

I was delighted and overwhelmed by the kind words and support that i had received over the course of the night, with such a great turn out and fantastic atmosphere that just could not be matched in a gallery DPS student flavia:)setting.






I would like to thank all the Dublin Photography School Staff who took a break from teaching photography courses to take the time to help me set up and run the event through the night. ill leave you with some highlights of the night:)

Stewart Kenny Photography